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Seamless vs. Regular Gutters: What’s the Difference?

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Gutters have been around a long time – they date back to 47 AD! What started as a simple drainage system that carried water away from structures has evolved into full gutter systems that are mounted to the home. Some gutter systems are half-round while some are k-style, have gutter screens and filters, and some are covered. Eventually, seamless gutters were invented in the 1960s.

The evolution of gutters has come a long way and the invention of seamless gutters changed the gutter industry as we knew it. Seamless gutters minimized leaks, offered better protection from drainage issues, and they were more aesthetically pleasing than traditional gutters. 

Many homeowners are faced with the decision to install regular or seamless gutters when it comes time to replace their existing gutter system. There are some major differences between the two – keep reading to learn about the differences between seamless and regular gutters and what sets K-Guard’s seamless gutter system apart from the rest.


Traditional Gutter Systems

Traditional gutter systems differ from seamless gutters in a couple of ways. First, unlike seamless gutters, regular gutters are installed in pre-cut sections and have joints that are sealed at the seams. These seams are sealed to help prevent leaks, however, the sealant will wear down over time resulting in leaking gutters. 

Next, regular gutter systems aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as seamless gutters are. Traditional gutters have those seams we mentioned earlier that can take away from the beauty of the gutter system. Over time those seams will leak, causing an unsightly appearance. Leaky gutters with seams that are coming apart don’t add curb appeal – they can take away from the home’s beauty.


Seamless Gutter Systems

Unlike traditional gutters that are installed in sections and sealed at each joint, seamless gutters are made from one continuous piece of material that is custom cut to fit your home. There aren’t multiple pieces that are cut and sealed; instead, the gutter is seamless and has no joints allowing water to flow freely through the gutter.

Seamless gutters have some advantages with the main one being that they eliminate leaks. Unlike regular gutter systems that have seams and joints that connect each piece, seamless gutters don’t have those joints or any sections that are sealed throughout the gutter, eliminating the risk for the sealant to wear down over time and the joint to leak. Sectional gutters do offer decent protection against drainage issues, however, when those joints leak and separate, it’ll cause drainage issues that can lead to expensive repairs like foundation damage, damage to the landscaping, etc.

As previously mentioned, sectional gutters aren’t customized to your home in the way that seamless gutters are. When you install seamless gutters, every single section of your gutter system will be custom cut during the gutter installation process to ensure it’s an exact and perfect fit. Seamless gutters are smooth and curved, adding to your home’s beauty rather than taking away from it like some traditional gutter systems can.


The K-Guard Difference

K-Guard is the premier gutter installation company in and around St. Louis, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, and surrounding areas. Unlike other gutter installation companies in St. Louis, our process is very carefully done to ensure that there are no mistakes during the installation process. Our gutter product is crafted from extremely durable aluminum that is of the utmost quality that will never corrode. 

When we arrive for your gutter installation service, we show up in our 24 ft. truck. Our truck has a rolling machine that custom cuts each piece of your seamless gutter system. We make our seamless gutters by taking flat coil stock and running it through a series of rollers in our rolling machine. Our rolling machine is longer than most other companies to ensure that the enamel on the product doesn’t crack during the rolling process, rather, it slowly and safely bends our heavy-duty aluminum. 

Every piece of your K-Guard Seamless Gutters is measured and cut on the spot to be a perfect and exact fit for your home. Our seamless gutters will fit your home flawlessly and will never void your roof’s warranty, something many other gutter installation companies can’t guarantee.

The K-Guard System outperforms all other systems on the market and keeps water flowing through the system at a rapid pace regardless of weather conditions. Our curved hood eliminates debris from entering the system and allows water to enter the gutter from a rear drainage channel. There is no weather condition that our gutter system can’t handle! Unlike other gutter installation companies, K-Guard requires zero maintenance and can withstand all weather conditions. It’ll hold up so well that it’s guaranteed transferable for the life of the home!

There are many differences between regular gutter systems and seamless gutters. K-Guard is the premier choice across the St. Louis area, offering the most durable and effective gutter product.

We offer free in-home estimates that include a detailed analysis of your current gutter system along with estimated costs for installing your K-Guard Gutter System. K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners in St. Louis and surrounding areas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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