The K-Guard Gutter system has a lifetime warranty. That means every part of the entire system, the hood, base, brackets, are guaranteed for life. K-Guard also comes with a 100% lifetime no-clog guarantee, guaranteed “No Pull-Away/Fall Off” warranty, guaranteed paint-finish warranty, and everything is transferrable to a new home owner.

Yes.  If you ever have any concern of debris entering the K-Guard gutter system, we will inspect for FREE.  There will be NO SERVICE FEE.  If needed, we will clean for free.

K-Guard has a 100% “No Pull Away/Fall Off” warranty because it was designed to withstand virtually any snow, ice, or wind conditions, making the best choice for homeowners in cold-weather climates. Most people may not realize that with conventional, open-top gutters systems, ice will form on the inside, where you cannot see it. The resulting freezing and thawing literally pries your gutters off your home. With K-Guard, ice forms on the outside of the gutter, rather than inside. Plus K-Guard is stronger than both traditional gutters, and other covered gutter systems, so you can be sure that no amount of snow or ice will pull our product off of your home. Finally, our system’s rear drainage channel helps prevent wind-blown water from backing up under your roof’s edge and freezing, so the potential of ice damming is far lower than with other systems.

K-Guard was fully engineered as an integrated leaf-free gutter system from the ground up. No other system can offer the complete range of benefits that K-Guard provides.

  • Largest leaf-free gutter system on the market
  • Handles 40% more water than other leading gutter systems
  • A wider gutter bottom to accommodate 3×4-inch downspout
  • Our patented hangers fully support our gutter from front to back
  • Angled hanger design for added leverage and strength
  • Front and rear drainage passages work together providing maximum water removal away from your home’s foundation
  • A smooth, attractive design

These are the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below please feel free to schedule a free quote and one of our knowledgable representatives will be glad to come answer any questions that you may have.

A home is one of your biggest investments. In order to truly understand your guttering needs and expectations, we need to be able to ask the questions relevant to your unique situation, as every home is different. We have installed thousands of jobs and we have never taken down K-Guard from a home because having a deep understanding of your unique situation helps us prescribe the best solution. In addition, the K-Guard gutter system is available in 37 different color options and obviously we want to work with you directly to offer which will be best for your individual taste. Finally, the safety and security of our employees is priority number one. When our sales consultant can meet with the homeowner directly, it eliminates any issues pertaining to pets or suspicious neighbors wondering why there’s someone inspecting the house next door.

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