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How to Refresh an Older Home

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Older homes that have been well maintained are rich in beauty; they often have intricate details throughout including vintage doorknobs, crown molding, original windows, etc. While they are beautiful, sometimes older homes need a bit of an update. If you have an older home and want to make it feel a bit newer, continue reading. We’ll discuss how to refresh an older home so you can give it a bit of a refresh while still maintaining its charm.


Update the Light Fixtures

Sometimes older homes have gorgeous lighting fixtures while others have some that are just plain out of date, drab, and a bit of a fire hazard if they haven’t been well maintained. Preserve the light fixtures that are in good shape and replace ones that aren’t or the ones that you simply don’t like. There are many light fixture styles to choose from that can complement an older home’s beauty. If you’re wanting to maintain its vintage feel, opt for some vintage-style or industrial-style fixtures. 


Replace the Appliances

If your older home still has original appliances and you’re happy with then you may not want or need to replace them. However, if you need more space in your refrigerator or if you want a newer, cleaner dishwasher then replace the appliances to give your kitchen a refresh. You can opt for vintage-style appliances that have modern technology or choose a more modern design. Whichever appliances you choose, your kitchen will feel brand new with updated appliances.


Refresh the Cabinets

While it may not seem like a drastic change, refreshing vintage cabinets can give your older kitchen a fresh feel. If you want to keep the older cabinets then simply refresh them by adding new cabinet accessories like pulls and knobs. If you’re wanting to take your cabinet refresh a step further then opt for painting them and replacing accessories – your kitchen will feel brand new!


Replace the Carpet

Older homes often have original carpeting throughout, especially in the living room, hallways, and bedrooms. While some are neutral in color others scream vintage with a bright orange hue, two-tone brown, red, etc. Replacing the carpet in your home can give it an entirely new feel, not to mention it’ll feel fresher on the feet. 

Though you’ve probably had the carpets steam cleaned, they can still be a health hazard. According to the American Lung Association, carpets can contain pollutants like dust mites, mold, and dirt among other irritants. These pollutants can harm your health especially if you suffer from allergies. Rather than replace old carpets in your older home with modern carpets, replace them with hard flooring and add area rugs that can be cleaned. Not only will hard flooring be better for your health but it’ll give your older home a facelift. There are plenty of flooring options that can complement your older home’s unique design. 


Replace the Gutters

Arguably one of the most important upgrades you can make to an older home, replacing the gutters can protect your home from structural damage caused by drainage issues. Older homes most often have a traditional half-round gutter system. While half-round gutters can do a decent job at protecting a home, there are many downfalls.

For one, half-round gutters have a much smaller capacity than full systems like the K-Guard System. Half-round gutter systems can’t handle nearly as much water as the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, forcing excess water to pour over the sides of the gutters, creating a waterlogged mess near a home’s foundation. Gutters that can’t handle heavy rainfall, snowfall, and meltwater can damage a home’s soffit and fascia boards, ultimately causing foundation damage, leaking basements, and landscaping damage among other things.

Next, older gutters are more prone to clogs and sagging. Half-round gutters are completely exposed, creating easy access for leaves and other debris to enter the gutter system and collect over time. Clogs impede water flow and create heavy gutters that can eventually sag and tear away from the home.

Don’t just choose any gutter system to replace your older one. Opt for the K-Guard System – a complete system that eliminates the need for you to clean your gutters. Our gutter product has oversized gutters and downspouts that can handle a minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour, much more than traditional older gutter systems. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is mounted above the floodplain during installation, eliminating the possibility for the gutters to separate from the home’s soffit and fascia boards, something most gutter systems are at risk for of.

Updating lighting fixtures, replacing old appliances, refreshing the cabinets, replacing the carpet, and upgrading the gutter system are some things you can do to make your older home feel fresher and newer. Even one of these upgrades can make your older home feel new!

If you’re considering installing a new gutter system in your older home, schedule a free in-home estimate with K-Guard. Our free estimates include a detailed analysis of your current gutter system along with estimated costs for installing your K-Guard Gutter System. K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners in St. Louis and surrounding areas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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